We are always working for you! When we are not negotiating face to face on behalf of our members, BEC is consulting with Government on proposed new employment legislation, lobbying for necessary changes to inappropriate social and labour practices, providing forums for member groups to represent their particular interests, supporting you with the creation of safe and healthy working environments or training your staff in various fields.

The BEC offers many services which are designed to meet the needs of employers across Barbados, regardless of size, internal capacity or stage of development. We not only promote the interests of businesses but also provide training interventions, business facilitation, human resource and change management solutions.

Our services are divided into six major divisions, namely, Industrial Relations, Advocacy, HR Support, Safety, Health and Wellness, Guidance and Talent Development. With these divisions, we aim to provide businesses with the benefits of becoming better employers, ensuring greater productivity through health and wellness, hiring and developing best talent, all in an effort to produce excellence.

To ensure we are able to offer you superior service, BEC is affiliated with the:

  • American Society for Training and Development
  • Barbados Private Sector Association
  • Caribbean Employers’ Confederation
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
  • Human Resource Management Association of Barbados
  • Institute of Occupational Safety Health
  • International Commission on Occupational Health
  • International Organization of Employers
  • Society for Human Resource Management

Every BEC member has access to a Labour Management Advisor who, along with our dedicated team provide comprehensive advice on interpretation of employment legislation, best practice in Occupational Safety and Health, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations issues.

Should you require any of the services listed above or another service which you have not seen listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us!