HR Support

HR Support
With our membership spanned across all

industries, it creates the need for our team to remain updated on

contemporary industry specific HR trends. This positions the

Confederation to offer an array of services to support Human Resource

practitioners as well as Business Owners.

We understand the demands of business and the added pressure that may come when tasked with drafting contracts, employee handbooks or even polices. Our team is more than willing to provide the necessary support to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and more importantly compliance.

Such support includes:

  • HR Audits
  • Business Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Policy Development
  • Recruitment

Policy Development

Policy Development
Recently, the legislative environment in Barbados has become increasingly active thereby creating a need for employers to develop or update their policies. While most companies have an existing handbook, it is important to update this periodically to cover any emerging trends within the workplace. Such trends may include sexual harassment, the use of social media and so on.

Our ability to deliver quality and reliable service in this area also hinge heavily on our ability to conduct research. Research allows employers to remain competitive and attractive when implementing various policies that may impact their culture.

Before developing any policy, we make it our mission to understand the history and needs of your organisation. Once established, our team will guide you through the implementation and enforcement of the new or updated policies.

Audit Your HR

Are you seeking to determine whether your organisation is compliant with the legislation governing employment relations in Barbados? If so, our HR Audit service can guide and assist your business with this determination.

Employment laws are ever changing and such diversify the legal landscape of our businesses. Employment rights cases are on the rise with fines for non-compliance amounting to a in excess of $20,000 in some cases. These fines can quickly and deplete your hard-earned profits.

The HR Audit process seeks to intensely and objectively review the organization’s HR policies, procedures, documentation, systems, practices and strategies to ensure the company’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively as a compliant organisation.

To start this process, please give us a call or take our short self-assessment compliance quick below.

These are possible options we can use to pattern our quiz from: