Are you seeking to recruit new employees or fill a part-time position? The BEC is here to assist with the provision of a thorough recruitment campaign. The BEC ensures that employers get the best talent and right people to help their businesses grow. We understand that getting the right people isn't always easy, however, with our trained professionals we seek to gain the correct culture and skills fit for your organisation. A strong recruit transforms business to meet its performance targets.

As part of the high standard we have set for ourselves, and by extension your organisation, our process first starts with an understanding of your organisation, the role and its interconnected functions. Gaining the best culture fit is instrumental in identifying and working with new employees. We are reminded that while we hire for skills, terminations occur due to behavior, let us help you get it right the first time!

If you do not require our full recruitment package, we are still available to give guidance and success tips on the recruitment function.

Our full recruitment package includes:

  • Management Needs Assessment
  • Developing and executing a recruitment campaign
  • Shortlisting of applicants
  • Conducting first round interviews

Referral of top 3 candidates for selection