To ensure compliance with new legislation as well to conform with best practice in human resource and employee relations, there are some useful templates that can often be utilisedon a regular working day for most Human Resource and People Management professionals. The Secretariat of the BEC has created these templates below as a guide for you. We also have other templates that can be made available through consultation with one of our Labour Management Advisors.

Performance Management

The following tools can be adapted for use in the performance management process of your organisation.

Title Description
Appraisal Form based of Objectives Download Appraisal Form based of Objectives
Appraisal Form for Manual Workers Download Appraisal Form for Manual Workers
Employee Self Appraisal Download Employee Self Appraisal
Evaluate the Appraisal System Download Evaluate the Appraisal System

Conducting Discipline

Note: These samples of letters, forms and checklists are here to help you, but users must take full responsibility for the content they send out.

Title Description
Employee Disciplinary Notice Form Download Employee Disciplinary Notice Form
Employee Notice of a Disciplinary-Meeting Download Employee Notice of a Disciplinary-Meeting
Decision of a Disciplinary Meeting Download Decision of a Disciplinary Meeting
Result of an Appeal Meeting Download Result of an Appeal Meeting

Job Descriptions

Some useful Guidelines for Job Descriptions can be found here as well as a Job Description Template.

Title Description
Guidelines for Job Descriptions Download Guidelines for Job Descriptions
Job Description Template Download Job Description Template

Entering and Leaving Employment

Title Description
Employment Application Form Download You can utilise this Employment Application Form as a screening tool.
Employment Interview Form Download The Employment Interview Form can used to evaluate candidates.
Induction Checklist Download The Induction Checklist can be used to ensure that new employees are fully apprised of the organisation at the start of employment.
Exit Interview Form Download The Exit Interview Form can be utilised by Companies to gather relevant information as an employee leaves the company.

Accident/Incident Report Form

It is vital that employers retain accurate records on incidents which may occur.

Title Description
Accident/Incident Report Form Download Accident/Incident Report Form

Certificate of Employment Record

You should issue a terminated employee with a Certificate of Employment Record within 14 days of termination.

Title Description
Certificate of Employment Record Download Certificate of Employment Record