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What’s Happening at the BEC?


Promotions & New Staff Appointments


Ms. Brittany Brathwaite - Effective April 01, 2014, after successfully competing in the open applications for the vacancy of Labour Management Advisor, Brittany has been appointed to the position of Labour Management Advisor. Brittany joined the BEC on January 28, 2013 as Research Assistant, and was upgraded to the position of Research Officer effective January 01, 2014; during the past fourteen (14) months Brittany has exhibited a strong enthusiasm for the work of the Confederation and an eagerness to learn, immersing herself in the work of the other Labour Management Advisors, taking on several of the duties associated with the position. Brittany brings to the position a BSc. in Labour and Employment Relations (Upper Second Class Honours) and is currently pursuing the MSc in Labour and Employment Relations.


Mr. Calvin Husbands - Effective April 14, 2014, Calvin joined the Confederation as a Labour Management Advisor. In addition to being an Attorney-at-Law, Calvin brings to the Confederation several years of experience with the Productivity Council developing and facilitating performance management interventions (performance-based incentive plans, developing key performance indicators and performance appraisal systems) and delivering training interventions. Project Management experience with the regional financial services firm Prism Services Inc.  Calvin also holds a BSc in Management (Upper Second Class Honours) and an MSc in Project Management and Evaluation.


Ms. Melony James - Effective April 07, 2014, Melony joined the BEC in the newly created position of Research/Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator. Having done an internship with the Confederation during the period February 01 to April 30, 2012 when she was assigned to support the work of the Labour Management Advisors, Melony demonstrated competencies and skills, especially in the area of Occupational Safety and Health. Melony brings to the Confederation a BSc. in Labour and Employment Relations (Upper Second Class Honours) and extensive training and certification in Occupational Safety & Health.

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